During treatment, you can confidently use Ph.Doctor products with one exception.

If, during your treatment, your treating physician has prescribed retinoid treatment: i.e. isotretinoin, tetracycline, adapalene, benzoyl peroxide, tretinoin + antibiotic, topical antibiotics, do not use Tetra C Serum Ph.Doctor.

Other cosmetics: Ph.Doctor Gentle Face Cleansing Emulsion, Ph.Doctor Glutathione Serum for Upper and Lower Eyelids, Ph.Doctor Lipid Face Cream, Ph.Doctor Cream Body Lotion were tested by me when I was in the middle of tretinoin treatment, that's how I know they complement each other perfectly. Once your acne treatment is complete, you will receive maintenance treatment. Then you can confidently use all the products already. Don't stop dermatological treatment. The effect of topical retinoids is visible only after 12 weeks of regular use. Do not rush the treatment. Only after achieving remission, introduce Tetra C Serum Ph.Doctor. Remember to apply SPF 30-50 photoprotection year-round every morning.

During treatment with oral isotretinoin, you can use Ph.Doctor Lipid Face Cream, Ph.Doctor Cream Body Lotion, Ph.Doctor Vitamin C Hand Rejuvenating Cream. You can use the other Ph.Doctor products only after the treatment is completed.

Note: do not use Ph.Doctor Smoothing Body Scrub and Ph.Doctor Lifting Elbow and Knee Cream with Glycolic Acid during treatment with oral isotretinoin. Here, focus on moisturizing the skin, do not irritate or exfoliate. You can safely use Ph.Doctor lifting mask for neck and décolleté, Ph.Doctor lipid face cream, Ph.Doctor creamy body lotion, Ph.Doctor rejuvenating hands cream with vitamin C.

NOTE: do not use Ph.Doctor Lactic Acid 12% Face and Body Scrub during treatment with oral isotretinoin.

If you are using retinoids such as retinol, apply Lactic Acid 12% Ph.Doctor Face and Body Scrub in the evening for 10 minutes once a week instead of retinol.
24. October. 2021 — Dr n. med. Nina Wiśniewska