Do you send orders via parcel lockers?

Due to the specificity of our cosmetics and the fact that we want them to be delivered and stored in controlled conditions, we do not use the parcel locker option.

Which countries do you ship to and what is the shipping cost?

We currently ship products to all EU countries (excluding special territories and overseas regions) - shipping cost is PLN 60, and to Great Britain - shipping cost is PLN 129.

Do you ship orders to the UK?

Yes, we ship orders to Great Britain (DHL courier, shipping cost is 129 PLN)

Do you issue VAT invoices?

Yes, when placing an order, please enter the data necessary to issue an invoice (company name, company address, tax identification number) in the "billing address" line. The invoice will be sent after the shipment has been handed over to the courier for delivery.


Which cosmetics can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

We encourage you to visit the "Knowledge base" tab on our website. In the section intended for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers , we have included all the necessary information along with a sample care plan.

What is the concentration of vitamin C in Tetra C Serum?

The concentration of ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate is 3%.

What is the expiry date of cosmetics and when should they be used?

The expiry date is included on each cosmetic package (it is about 2 years from the production date of a given series). On each product you will also find the shelf life after opening the cosmetic - a summary is also presented below:

6 months:

- Lipid face cream

- Smoothing body scrub

- Lifting cream for elbows and knees

- Mask lifting neckline and neck

- Rejuvenating hands cream with vitamin C

9 months:

- Upper and lower eyelid glutathione serum

- Tetra C Serum

- Lactic acid 12%. Face and body scrub.

12 months:

- Gentle facial cleansing emulsion

- Creamy body lotion

From what age can you use Serum with glutathione on the upper and lower eyelids and Tetra C Serum?

Both cosmetics can be used from around the age of 25 , i.e. from the time when the first wrinkles appear.