Ph.Doctor is a Polish cosmetics brand created by Dr. Nina Wiśniewska - a dermatologist, venereologist and aesthetic medicine doctor. The brand name reflects our view of skin care. Cosmetics that respect the physiological ph of your skin, which ensures its healthy functioning. When creating our cosmetics, we follow medical knowledge about the skin and the latest research in the field of cosmetic ingredients. Our goal was to design cosmetics that will be with you regardless of passing fashion or trends.

PH is the key word - both for the skin and its balance, and for the effectiveness of the ingredients used in our products.

About the author of the brand

About me

My name is Dr. Nina Wiśniewska and I specialize in dermatology and venereology, and I am also a doctor of aesthetic medicine. From an early age, I have been passionate about medicine and dermatology. I graduated from the 1st Faculty of Medicine of the Medical Academy in Warsaw (now the Medical University of Warsaw). I am a laureate of the Minister of Health Award for obtaining the best result on the specialization exam in dermatology.

After completing my specialization, I opened the first such professional Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine Clinic in my hometown of Wyszków. On a daily basis, I also help seriously ill patients in the Dermatology Clinic of the Military Institute of Medicine of the Ministry of National Defense in Warsaw.

I specialize in the treatment of acne, focusing primarily on proper care. In caring for the skin of my patients, I follow the principle "the less the better". I am aware that not everyone has the time and the opportunity to obtain professional medical advice, so I share my experience and knowledge in the field of skin, hair and nail care through my Instagram profile. I also created the " Healthy Skin Binder " (Roger Publishing), in which I try to present the secrets of proper care in a simple and accessible way. I also regularly appear in TV programs, radio and press, incl. in "The Breakfast Question", "Doctors Secrets" or "Your Style". Development is crucial for me, so I try to constantly learn and gain knowledge from the best practitioners, among others from the United States, Great Britain or Germany.

Nasze kosmetyki
Nasze produkty powstały na bazie  doświadczenia

A brand made of experience

While working for one of the leading cosmetic companies in the world, I understood how important and influenced health the composition of the preparations used is. Direct cooperation with consumers helped me understand what side effects are, why some cosmetics can cause allergies and how to use them correctly.

I used this knowledge while looking for the best care products for my relatives, and above all, patients. By testing and analyzing the compositions I invented, I have developed biotechnologically advanced vegan products for women and men. I always check each of the Ph.Doctor cosmetics on my own skin because only then I am sure that the product is perfect.

Privately, I am a mother of Antonina and Ivo. I like to spend any time with my family.

If you want to know more about me, follow me on Instagram HERE . Healthy Skin Binder is available for purchase at this link.