Ph.Doctor is a Polish cosmetics brand created by Dr. Nina Wiśniewska - a dermatologist, venereologist and aesthetic medicine doctor. The brand name reflects our view of skin care. Cosmetics that respect the physiological ph of your skin, which ensures its healthy functioning. When creating our cosmetics, we follow medical knowledge about the skin and the latest research in the field of cosmetic ingredients. Our goal was to design cosmetics that will be with you regardless of passing fashion or trends.

PH is the key word - both for the skin and its balance, and for the effectiveness of the ingredients used in our products.

Our cosmetics

Our name

The brand founded by Dr. Nina Wiśniewska was to reflect her medical knowledge as a doctor of aesthetic medicine and dermatologist, as well as her great passion for healthy skin and the desire to help people who struggle with skin problems. This is how the Ph.Doctor brand was born, the name of which comes from the English term of the doctor of sciences - "PhD", and also refers to the key element in the assumptions of our cosmetics - the correct pH of the skin.

Skin health comes first

Healthy skin is our manifesto, not trends that pass after one season. Healthy skin equals beautiful skin. Skin that is non-irritated, moisturized and radiant. Only such a skin will be able to cope with the challenges of today's times. Living in a polluted environment, constant stress, low air humidity or smog are a real challenge for the largest organ of our body. For the sake of your skin, we have selected the highest quality active ingredients, while trying to avoid those that often cause allergic reactions. A gentle approach to skin care is our key to success.
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Selecting components

Ph.Doctor cosmetics are rich in active ingredients, and at the same time they are ecological, vegan and safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women (learn more here ). The brand is based on the theory of "the less the better" so it is divided into two lines: White and Black.

The White Line is the base series whose task is to keep the skin in good condition. It is intended for both women and men and is the basis for building a well-composed beautician. To know more about the line, click here.

The Black Line was created to target the active ingredients to the specific needs of the skin. Cosmetics from this line respond to many skin problems, including acne, skin aging, flabby skin, uneven color. If you feel that you can find something for yourself, click on this link.

Our mission is to help you on your way to healthy and happy skin. Read the articles on our blog, which we have prepared especially for the most common skin problems. To blog

Universal elegance

They say "don't judge a book by its cover" - but we know that the things we surround ourselves with can have a big impact on our well-being. For this reason, Ph.Doctor cosmetics have minimalist, elegant and ecological packaging.

Remember that our cosmetics can be used regardless of gender, so they will fit both women's and men's beauticians. Our products are also vegan and natural, so nothing will stop you from using them!

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