Ph.Doctor is a Polish cosmetics brand created by a dermatologist, Dr. Nina Wiśniewska.

Ph.Doctor are cosmetics that respect your natural protection - the physiological ph of your skin.

Our brand is based on the everlasting power of science - regardless of passing trends.

About the author

Nina Wiśniewska, MD, PhD

A specialist in the field of dermatology and venereology and a doctor of aesthetic medicine. From an early age she is passionate about medicine and dermatology. She graduated from the 1st Faculty of Medicine of the Medical Academy in Warsaw (now the Medical University of Warsaw). Laureate of the Minister of Health Award for obtaining the best result on the specialization exam in dermatology.

Cosmetics from the White Series

This is a base series. Think of it as a white t-shirt. Classic, versatile. It goes well with both stilettos and sneakers. That's what this line is. Versatile and basic. Suitable for any occasion. Cosmetics from the white line are lipid face cream, creamy body lotion. Gentle even for the most sensitive skin, thanks to them you will moisturize it and take care of its balance. Products as basic in your makeup bag as a white t-shirt in your closet.

Black Series Cosmetics

It's a level up in grooming. It's like a little black dress or a well-tailored suit. Active ingredients that target specific skin needs.

Improved skin tone thanks to vitamin C in a non-irritating formula; Skin brightening and anti-free radical action thanks to glutathione; Firming and lifting effect thanks to DMAE.

Nina Wiśniewska, MD, PhD

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