You can use the entire Ph.Doctor series! Both white and black versions. The most difficult area in proper skin care is the eye area. That's why we created Ph.Doctor Upper and Lower Eyelid Glutathione Serum. Extremely delicate and effective formula, provides an ultra-fast effect of lifting and lifting the upper eyelid thanks to the combination of Glutathione with the natural extract of Albizia julibrissin and Siegesbeckia orientalis, known as divine grass. The serum with Glutathione for the upper and lower eyelids is a multi-tasking, highly concentrated and very efficient preparation. In addition, the effect of skin tightening and smoothing out wrinkles over time is controlled by DMAE encapsulated in biopolymer microcapsules, gradually releasing after application to the skin, all without the effect of drying and irritating the delicate skin around the eyes. The serum brings immediate relief and also provides the effect of immediate hydration, reduces discoloration, dark circles under the eyes become less visible.

More information can be found in the description under each product.

Tetra C Serum Ph.Doctor. The formulation uses the most effective dose of ascorbyl tetraisopalminitate - 3%. What distinguishes our serum is its emulsion consistency, i.e. the bioavailability of active ingredients from two phases: lipophilic and hydrophilic, the content of ingredients increasing skin hydration (low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and silanetriol, high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, allantoin, d-panthenol), i.e. more comprehensive care and no comadogenic effect (face oiling). The serum also contains the appropriate amount of emollients for human skin, such as: macadamia oil, rice oil, Vitamin E, Squalane. Moreover, in Tetra C the Ph.Doctor serum contains the technologically advanced Anti-aging ingredient Dermcom (the maximum recommended dose of this ingredient was used - 2%), which ensures better communication between the epidermis and the dermis by means of messenger molecules and stimulation of the production of collagen and elastin fibers in the skin, in a very short time (in vitro studies after two weeks increase in the amount of collagen by 115%). As a result, the skin matrix is ​​repaired, its density and firmness are improved. Use them regularly in the morning and evening after washing your face.

Ph.Doctor lipid face cream apply at least 15 minutes after Ph.Doctor Tetra C Serum. In the morning remember about year-round SPF 30-50 photoprotection.

What else?

To care for your skin, it is worth including a preparation with retinoids, e.g. retinol, retinaldehyde, tretinoin (regulation of sebaceous glands with their reduction, anti-aging effect). Use it at NIGHT, 15 minutes after washing the skin (optionally, after at least 45 minutes, also use Ph.Doctor Lipid Face Cream).

Tetra C Serum Ph.Doctor should be used in the morning, immediately after washing the skin thoroughly. In the first days of introducing retinoids, the skin of the face and eyelids may be slightly irritated, then wait for it to regenerate, take breaks for a few days, regenerate the skin with Ph.Doctor Lipid Face Cream. Once your skin is tolerated (no tight feeling, no redness), slowly apply Ph.Doctor Glutathione Serum to your eyelids. Remember about photoprotection - use sunscreen with SPF 30-50 all year round.

At the same time, you can also apply Serum with glutathione to the upper and lower eyelids Ph.Doctor . Repeat this every morning and evening.

Cream body lotion Ph.Doctor is an excellent product supplementing your daily care. Within 3-5 minutes after bathing, spread the product on the skin and wait until it is completely absorbed.

Rejuvenating hands cream with vitamin C Ph.Doctor - remember about hands, they age the fastest.

Example of care:


  1. Make-up removal with your favorite cosmetic
  2. Gentle facial cleansing emulsion Ph.Doctor - wash the face with a gentle product with a pH similar to the skin (4.5-6) ​​for at least one minute.
  3. 15-minute recovery.
  4. Cosmetic with retinoid (if you are just starting your adventure with retinoids such as tretinoin, retinaldehyde, retinol, take your time! Apply a small amount of the product of your choice to the fingertip and then spread over the skin of the face and neck. Use twice a week for 2 weeks consecutive weeks, then gradually increase the frequency until you can freely use it 7 days a week, always overnight)
  5. 45-minute break.
  6. Lipid face cream Ph.Doctor .
  7. Creamy body lotion Ph.Doctor for the skin of the whole body.
  8. Smoothing body scrub Ph.Doctor - 1-2 times a week.
  9. Rejuvenating hands cream with vitamin C Ph.Doctor - remember about hands, they age the fastest.
  10. Lactic acid 12% Face and body scrub Ph.Doctor
    FACE: Apply to cleansed and dry skin of the face, after 10-15 minutes rinse off the product. Use 1-2 times a week.
    BODY: Apply on cleansed and dry skin. Wash off the acid after 15 minutes. Use 2-3 times a week. If you are using retinoids, e.g. retinol, Lactic Acid 12% Facial and Body Scrub Ph.Doctor should be applied in the evening for 10 minutes once a week, instead of retinol.


    1. Gentle facial cleansing emulsion Ph.Doctor - wash the face with a gentle product with a pH similar to the skin (4.5-6) ​​for at least one minute.
    2. Tetra c Serum Ph.Doctor.
    3. Upper and lower eyelid glutathione serum Ph.Doctor. If the eyelid skin is initially dry and irritated, wait until it has completely regenerated.
    4. 10-minute recovery.
    5. Lipid face cream (optional).
    6. Cream with SPF 50 filter.

7. Apply Ph.Doctor cream body lotion to the skin of the whole body.

24. October. 2021 — Dr n. med. Nina Wiśniewska