You can eliminate dilated capillaries on your facial skin in aesthetic medicine offices with lasers (I recommend Alma Harmony laser, Cutera, among others). The entire series will be prescribed for you by your doctor or cosmetologist. Often dilated capillaries on the face are the first phase of rosacea. Then in your care you can use an over-the-counter preparation with azelaic acid 15 or 20% (you can buy it at the pharmacy without a prescription, safe also in pregnancy as well as for nursing mothers). If you are struggling with the problem of vascular skin, where you additionally see papules and pimples - go to a dermatologist, this is probably the second phase of rosacea. In this case, your doctor will recommend treatment including prescription products. For washing your face, use gentle products with a ph similar to your skin (4.5-6), use lukewarm water. You can use all Ph.Doctor products in the following order:

    Ph.Doctor gentle facial cleansing emulsion - wash your face and neck twice a day for at least 1 minute. In the evening, do a makeup remover with your favorite product, then apply our cleansing emulsion
    Apply Tetra C Serum Ph.Doctor in the morning and in the evening right after washing your face in the case of vascular skin. Tetra C Serum Ph.Doctor reduces UV-induced cellular damage (DNA protection - anti-stress, protection against erythema formation). At the same time, you can apply Ph.Doctor Glutathione Serum to the upper and lower eyelids. Repeat this activity every morning and evening.
    Apply Ph.Doctor Lipid Face Cream at least 15 minutes after Tetra C Serum Ph.Doctor. Remember about photoprotection - use cream with spf 30-50 sunscreen all year round.
    Once a week you can successfully apply Ph.Doctor's Lactic Acid 12% Face and Body Peeling. It will remove keratinized skin cells leaving the skin smooth and moisturized. For the first application, apply the product for 5 minutes and observe the skin's reaction. With each subsequent application of the product, gradually increase the time the product is left on the skin.

If you are undergoing dermatological treatment for second or third stage rosacea (e.g. tetracyclines, ivermectin, metronidazole, isotrertinoin or others) wait to purchase Tetra C Serum Ph.Doctor until remission is achieved and treatment is complete. Other products: Ph.Doctor Glutathione Serum for upper and lower eyelids, Ph.Doctor Lipid Face Cream, Ph.Doctor Cream Body Lotion you can confidently use, including during azelaic acid treatment.

24. October. 2021 — Dr n. med. Nina Wiśniewska