First, stop scratching. Don't squeeze. Don't mechanically cleanse. You probably suffer from acne from scratching, and your skin is already gray and has numerous post-inflammatory blemishes. You can use the entire Ph.Doctor series, especially the  Ph.Doctor Tetra C serum. The formulation uses the most effective dose of ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate - 3%.  What distinguishes our serum is its emulsion consistency, i.e. bioavailability of active ingredients from two phases: lipophilic and hydrophilic, the content of ingredients that increase skin hydration (low-molecular hyaluronic acid and silanetriol, high-molecular hyaluronic acid, allantoin, d-panthenol), i.e. more comprehensive care, as well as the absence of comedogenic effect (oiling the face). The serum also contains in the right amount of emollients for human skin, such as macadamia oil, rice oil, Vitamin E, Squalane. In addition, Ph.Doctor's Tetra C serum contains the technologically advanced anti-aging ingredient Dermcom (the maximum recommended dose of this ingredient - 2% - has been used) ensuring better communication between the epidermis and dermis by means of transmitter molecules and stimulating the production of collagen and elastin fibers in the skin, in a very short time ( in vitro studies after two weeks, an increase in the amount of collagen by 115%). This repairs the skin matrix, improves its density and firmness.

  1. Use delicate products with a pH similar to the skin (4.5-6) ​​to wash your face Gentle face wash lotion Ph.Doctor.
  2. Tetra C Serum Ph.Doctor should be used in the morning, immediately after washing the skin thoroughly. At the same time, you can also apply Serum with glutathione on the upper and lower eyelids Ph.Doctor . Repeat this every morning and evening.
  3. Apply Ph.Doctor lipid face cream at least 15 minutes after Ph.Doctor Tetra C serum.

It is worth including in your skin care a product with retinoids, for example, retinol, retinaldehyde, tretinoin (regulation of sebaceous glands with their reduction, anti-aging effect). Apply it at NIGHT, 15 minutes after washing the skin and (optionally after min. 45 minutes also apply Ph.Doctor Lipid Face Cream).

Ph.Doctor upper and lower eyelid serum with glutathione can be used both in the morning and in the evening (in the first days of introducing retinoids, the skin of the face and eyelids may be mildly irritated. Allow it a short rest. Take breaks for several days, regenerate the skin with Ph.Doctor Lipid Face Cream.  Once your skin is tolerant, slowly start introducing Ph.Doctor Glutathione Eyelid Serum.

Every morning remember about year-round SPF 30-50 photoprotection.

Cream body lotion Ph.Doctor is an excellent complementary product

Your daily care. Within 3-5 minutes after bathing, spread the product on the skin and wait for it to be completely absorbed.

Lactic acid 12% Ph.Doctor face and body Peeling will be a great addition to skin care with hyperpigmentation. It will have a smoothing, cleansing and brightening effect on hyperpigmentation. The peel has a smoothing effect, stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and ceramides.

FACE: Apply to cleansed and dried facial skin, wash the product off after 10-15 minutes. Use 1-2 per week.

BODY: Apply to cleansed and dried body skin. Wash off the acid after 15 min. Use 2-3 times a week.

24. October. 2021 — Dr n. med. Nina Wiśniewska