I recommend a medical or cosmetology consultation and the blackhead problem will be brought under control. In treatment, you will probably receive retinoids for topical evening skin care, which are unrivaled in the fight against blackheads (Remember then to apply Tetra C serum Ph.Doctor only in the morning care). If you are not treated with retinoids or are already on dermatological treatment, struggling with skin imperfections or looking for a maintenance treatment then you can confidently use Tetra C Serum Ph.Doctor. Our serum with vit.C counteracts sebum oxidation (anti-acne properties), reduces UV-induced cell damage (DNA protection - anti-stress, protection against erythema formation). You can use Ph.Doctor glutathione eyelid serum in the morning and evening (during the first days of retinoid introduction, the skin of the face and eyelids may be mildly irritated, allow the skin to rest for a short time. Take breaks for a few days, regenerate the skin with Ph.Doctor Lipid Face Cream. Once your skin is tolerant, slowly start introducing Ph.Doctor's Glutathione Eyelid Serum. Remember photoprotection - use SPF 30-50 sunscreen regardless of the season. Ph.Doctor's Cream Body Lotion and Ph.Doctor's Smoothing Body Scrub are excellent products to complement your skin care. Use the lotion within 3-5 minutes after bathing, spread the product on your skin and wait for it to be fully absorbed.

Apply Lactic Acid 12% to your face once a week. The product may initially cause discomfort on the skin. Incorporate it into your skin care regimen, and increase the amount of time it stays on the skin over time.

24. October. 2021 — Dr n. med. Nina Wiśniewska