Oily skin is often the result of poorly chosen care. In the case of excessive and daily exfoliation of the epidermis (peels, acids), the skin becomes dry and the sebaceous glands begin their excessive production. As a consequence, the skin becomes oily. Lipid face cream Ph.Doctor with niacinamide will both moisturize the skin and help rebuild the lipid mantle. Get a good scrub from a cosmetologist once every few weeks to exfoliate old skin. Try not to use scrubs, acids, strong detergents to wash your skin every day. The skin then becomes irritated, the lipid layer disappears and the sebaceous glands start their excessive production of sebum. For washing your face, use gentle products with a ph close to your skin (4.5-6) ​​- Ph.Doctor gentle facial wash emulsion. You can apply all Ph.Doctor products in the following order:

  1. Gentle face wash lotion Ph.Doctor - wash the skin of your face and neck twice a day for a minimum of 1 minute. In the evening, remove makeup with your favorite product and then use our cleansing lotion.
  2. Tetra C serum Ph.Doctor apply right after washing in the morning and evening.
  3. At the same time, you can apply Glutathione Serum to the upper and lower eyelids Ph.Doctor . Repeat this action every morning and evening.
  4. Ph.Doctor lipid face cream apply at least 15 minutes after Ph.Doctor Tetra C Serum. In the morning remember about year-round SPF 30-50 photoprotection.

It is worth including in your skin care a product with retinoids, for example, retinol, retinaldehyde, tretinoin (regulation of sebaceous glands with their reduction, anti-aging effect). Then you can apply this product only 15 minutes after washing your skin and leave it OVERNIGHT (you can apply Ph.Doctor lipid face cream after at least 45 minutes. You can apply Ph.Doctor's Tetra C serum only in the morning after washing your skin thoroughly. You can apply Ph.Doctor glutathione eyelid serum in the morning and evening (during the first days of retinoid introduction, the skin of the face and eyelids may be mildly irritated, allow the skin a short rest. Take breaks for a few days, regenerate your skin with Ph.Doctor Lipid Face Cream. Once your skin is tolerant, slowly start introducing Ph.Doctor's Glutathione Eyelid Serum. Remember about photoprotection - use spf 30-50 sunscreen all year round.

  1. Ph.Doctor cream body lotion is an excellent product to complement your daily skin care. Use the lotion within 3-5 minutes after bathing, spread the product on the skin and wait for it to be completely absorbed. Once / twice a week, perform a full body skin scrub - Smoothing body peeling Ph. Doctor
  2. Rejuvenating hand cream with vitamin C Ph.Doctor - remember about hands, they age the fastest.
  3. Lactic acid 12% Face and Body peeling - apply 1-2 times a week. The product may initially cause discomfort on the skin. Incorporate it into your skin care regimen and increase the amount of time it is left on the skin over time. Leave on facial skin max. 15 min.
24. October. 2021 — Dr n. med. Nina Wiśniewska