Facial cream with a stable form of retinal RetinALL IN ONE 0.1% shows high tolerance for most skin types.


  • Use the product once a day 2-3 times a week at first, always in the evening!
  • If, after 2 weeks, your skin is not irritated, you can start using the Face Cream with the stable form of RetinALL IN ONE 0.1% Retinal more often, according to your skin's increased tolerance.
  • The most important thing is observation - if on the day of the next scheduled application it is still irrita-ted after the previous use of the product, abandon it until the skin calms down. At this point, forgo other active ingredients in cosmetics and focus on: gentle washing, regeneration (moisturizing) and UV protection (SPF 50). Then return to skin care with Face Cream with a stable form of retinal RetinALL IN ONE 0.1%.
  • Always apply Face Cream with Stable Form of Retinal RetinALL IN ONE 0.1% on dry facial skin, water can increase irritation.
  • When doing so, avoid the area around the eyes and lips (corners), which you can protect in advance addition - with a thick cream or lipstick.
  • At the beginning of the introduction of RetinALL IN ONE 0.1% Stable Form Retinal Face Cream, apply it yourself, giving up other active substances, especially low pH exfoliating substances, such as AHA, BHA acids, peels or other retinoids.
  • Observe how the skin reacts to the new product, and make sure to regenerate and moisturize it first and foremost.

Please note: it becomes absolute to use high SPF 50 sunscreens on a DAILY basis along with their REPLICATION du-ring the day (replication in case of high UV exposure)!

Note: Store the product in its original packaging at 15-25°C.

The product may stain light-colored bedding and clothing (see the article - "Sensitive Skin/Vascular Skin a Face Cream with Stable Form of Retinal RetinALL IN ONE 0.1% / Cream with Stable Form of Retinal FA-CE&BODY RetinALL 0.05% - use the "SANDWICH METHOD").

Product contraindicated for pregnant women.

Suitable for breastfeeding women, according to e-lactancia.org.


- Exacerbated active atopic dermatitis (AD) localized on the face

- Pregnancy

- Skin infection

- Scratches of the skin, laxity

- Irritated, dry skin

05. October. 2022 — Dr n. med. Nina Wiśniewska