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The cream with a stable form of retinal, FACE&BODY RetinALL 0.05%, is an ideal product for peo-ple who are new to retinoids. 


  • Use the product at first once a day 2-3 times a week, always IN THE EVENING!
  • If, after 2 weeks, the skin is not irritated, you can start using the Cream with the stable form of re-tinal FACE&BODY RetinALL 0.05% more often
    - according to the increase in skin tolerance.

The most important thing is observation - if on the day of the next scheduled application it is still irritated after the previous use of the product, abandon it until the skin calms down. At this point, forgo other active ingredients in cosmetics and focus on: gentle washing, rege-neration (moisturization) and UV protection (SPF50). Then return to skin care with FA-CE&BODY RetinALL 0.05% stable form retinal cream.

  • Always apply FACE&BODY RetinALL 0.05% Stable Form Retinal Cream to dry facial skin - wa-ter can increase irritation.
  • When doing so, avoid the area around the eyes and the mouth (corners), which you can additionally protect with a thick cream or lipstick beforehand.
  • At the beginning of the introduction of the FACE&BODY RetinALL 0.05% stable form retinal cream, apply it yourself, forgoing other active substances, especially low pH exfoliating substances such as AHA, BHA acids, peelings or other retinoids.
  • Observe how the skin reacts to the new product and take care to regenerate and moisturize it first and foremost..

1.With Ph.Doctor's gentle facial cleansing emulsion, wash your entire face thoroughly, washing for 1 minute. Delicately dry your face and wait at least 5-10 minutes before applying Cream with stable form of FACE&BODY RetinALL 0.05% retinal.
2. Apply Cream with stable form of retinal FACE&BODY RetinALL 0.05% in a pea-sized portion to dry facial skin. Thoroughly spread all over the face.
3. Wait 30-40 minutes after application of FACE&BODY RetinALL 0.05% Stable Form Retinal Cre-am (this is an optional retinoid action time).
4. Gently rub the Ph.Doctor Lipid Face Cream into your face.
5. Wash your hands thoroughly after each application of FACE&BODY RetinALL 0.05% Stable Form Retinal Cream.

During the first few days of retinoid introduction, the skin of the face and eyelids may be mildly irri-tated. Take breaks of several days so that the skin has time to regenerate.

For sensitive/vascular skin - use the "SANDWICH METHOD" (see article - "Sensitive/vascular skin vs. FACE&BODY RetinALL RetinALL 0.1% stable form retinal cream / FACE&BODY RetinALL 0.05% stable form retinal cream - use the "SANDWICH METHOD").

Note: Store the product in its original packaging at 15-25°C.
Product may stain light-colored bedding and clothing.

05. October. 2022 — Dr n. med. Nina Wiśniewska